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Dexterous Media Group

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Dexterous Media Group offers one-stop-shop marketing solutions under one roof. Think of us as your in-house marketing department only a phone call away. When you call us you get a real person on the phone, not an automated service. A person dedicated to managing and promoting your brand. CMS Websites, SEO, High-end Video & Film, Design, Event LIVE Streaming, Corporate Photography, Event Equipment Services, Event Presentation Media and Social Media are a few of the tools we use in tandem to promote your brand."


The process





Dexterous Media Group ascertains your company's current media presence and that of your strongest competitors.


We work with you to construct a detailed and truly unique plan of action for your company that targets specific audiences.


Through our in-house media development workflow, we create the tools that will effectively communicate your distinctive brand.


This is the FUN part. Witness all the components of your branded marketing working together, reinforcing one other on an ongoing basis.




The New Platform for The Classic "Rule of Seven"

What is the Rule of Seven you might ask? The Rule of Seven is an old marketing adage. It says that prospective clients need to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before they take any action. Now, the number seven isn’t some magic number. The truth of the Rule of Seven is you can’t just engage in a marketing activity and then be done. Marketing must be an on-going process in order for it to be successful.

It's not enough just to have a website, a video, or a vibrant social media account. You need them all working together, reinforcing each other and casting a wider net.

  • Branding Development
  • Responsive Drupal CMS Websites
  • Corporate Video Production
  • Search Engine Optomization
  • LIVE Event Streaming
  • Social Media Management
  • Commercial Photography
  • Print Materials







Why Choose Us?

The Dexterous Media Group Vision





To create the most compelling marketing company of the 21st century by consolidating all independent marketing shops into one comprehensive tool-belt.

The Dexterous Media Group Mission




Our mission is to come alongside businesses to articulate their personality.  Then build the tools that project that personality.



When you think of businesses, you think of brands. A strong brand consolidates and completes your company’s identity, giving you a recognizable and trustworthy public face.

Cups of Coffee
Video Hours
Line Of Code

Happy Clients

  • Dexterous Testimonial 1
    Michael John Stanley / President, Flashpoint Theory

    Working with Alan at his studio at Dexterous Brand Marketing has always been a highlight. The environment is progressional, comfortable and organized, but most of all, Alan has a unique ability to make you feel like your just sitting in your living room having a conversation with a family member!

  • Dexterous Testimonial 2
    Greg Thompson / Spokesperson

    Thank you Alan for a wonderful studio experience.  Your equipment is very high tech and your explanation of how you can edit and "patch together" your recording of our session took a lot of pressure off of me that everything had to be so perfect.  You made the experience feel very relaxed and comfortable.  I would highly recommend Alan and his company to anyone needing professional video products.

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