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Small businesses need all the help they can get. From competition to regulation to a steep learning curve, small businesses face challenges and need partners who advocate for them. Companies with like-values can become resources for each other to grow and thrive. Dexterous Media Group strives to re-imagine marketing for small businesses, coming alongside entrepreneurs and established businesses to tell their unique stories and allow them to do what they do best.

Recently featured on the cover Riverside Living Magazine, published by the RLM Company, Dexterous Media Group's President talked about the partnerships they are creating with small businesses. As the marketing company for Notre Dame High School in Riverside, CA, while Robert was President of the school, the Catholic high school achieved new heights. With Dexterous's help, the school increased its presence in the Riverside community, stabilized enrollment, increased its fundraising, and invested in the school. 

Notre Dame was a monumental chapter in Robert's life. After being a long-term sub as an English teacher, with a few other gigs sprinkled within, he landed a full-time position as an art teacher. He pursued his teaching credential from Cal State San Bernardino while teaching full time and applied directly to the State of California to become a credentialed art teacher. His tenure as swim coach would lead him to the most important moment in his life. As the swim coach, he approached Canyon Crest Country Club to use their pool for swim practice. Robert was hired as the summer aquatics director at the country club. This is fortuitous because that is where he met his future wife, Caroline. 

Robert is particularly proud of his time and accomplishments as President of Notre Dame. During this time, Robert lead the school in the implementation of the one-to-one iPad initiative, upgraded the school's technology infrastructure with a robust WiFi system, adopted digital textbooks and classroom resources, developed a unique hybrid block schedule, and created innovative learning environments through classroom renovations. "It was a busy time for us, but we were determined to enter the 21st century, kicking and screaming if we had to."

His tenure at Notre Dame also lead to Robert's more prominent involvement in the Riverside community and his commitment to advancing small business. Robert set out to engage with the community through the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce and was inspired by their advocacy and commitment to the Riverside community and the region.

Dexterous Media Group Inc. is committed to small business. Founder and CEO Alan Brown started the company in Riverside and eventually opened a corporate office in Oceanside, California. Dexterous is a creative media-based marketing company that specializes in the needs of small businesses. Dexterous' tools include web design, SEO, video production, lead automation, social media, and live stream service.  

Becoming President of Dexterous Media Group Inc. is the culmination of 30 years of experience. From business school to the corporate world to art teacher to President of Riverside's Catholic High School, each step of the way had prepared Robert for this role. "It truly is my dream job, and I cant wait to see what we achieve as a company."

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