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cliché but true... a picture is worth a thousand words. An image, found in a magazine, a social media feed or website is often your buisnesses first impression.  With a mere glance of an image it is decided if further investigation into the subject matter is worth the time.  An image tells more about your product or service in an instant than any other medium.  Images are powerful.
  • Corporate Branding
  • Product Photography
  • Portraits & Headshots
  • Industry Specific Photography
  • Events
  • Office Lifestyle
  • Meetings
  • Digital Marketing
  • Conventions
  • Website Images
  • Health Care
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Industrial
  • Trade Shows
  • High-end Drone Photography

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The foundational workhorse conversion tool. The function of a website is to relate and build trust with the site visitor converting them into a client.
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Stay visible to current clients, connect with new leads, announce new products and services and always be pushing your brand.
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Be found online! Search Engine Optimization actively leads web surfers to your website via Google, Voice Search, Maps and much more.
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We ensure everything is written, spoken and performed within the same "voice" as the rest of your communication efforts.
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Why Dexterous Media Group?

Know why businesses trust us with their online marketing efforts.


The key to our success is having all departments sit down together to promote your business.  Believe it or not this is not common practice!  Having  Video Production, Website Development, Social Media, SEO, Photography and Event teams round table about your business is a powerful ongoing exercise in our studio that inspires creative direction and noticeably impacts marketing effectiveness.


While we have worked alongside many industries we do not know your specific business.  Getting to know you is very important to us.  Experience has taught us that no two businesses are the same.  We start with research, research, research and get to know you (and your competitors)  inside and out.


We are here for you! We do not have an automated phone system.  When you call us you get a real person on the phone, not some outsourced service. A person dedicated to managing and promoting your brand.


We have partnered with clients across the United States and captured media from around the globe. Our staff and services are proudly based in the USA. We have locations in Seattle WA & Riverside CA to best serve the country.


We are in this together! Our pricing is designed to grow with your business.  The more your business grows the more marketing you need.  We succeed in helping you succeed, this is a symbiotic relationship.


Our team of experts work together! Our Social Media Team sits down with our Web Development Team to discuss you account before any work is started.  Our Video Production Team references your SEO terms to insure they make it into the video. You are branded from day one!

Always here for you.

Do you need help managing your website or have a few questions about marketing?  Give us a call.  We are ready to help.

(949) 302-6908

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