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Corporate Events


We work closely with you to develop the multimedia that supports your event.  From custom Keynote & PowerPoint designs to impactful videos to Interactive content.


Event Broadcasting

Utilize our portable television studio.  Multiple cameras feed back to a LIVE switchboard for high-end professional broadcast of your event to any streaming service such as YouTube, Facebook or directly to your website.


Event Coordination

Work with our in-house event coordinator to find and secure the right venue, food, entertainment, decor, technical equipment, event sign in procedures and much more.


Event Equipment

We offer High-end professional equipment to support your event.  From projectors to large screen displays, loud speakers, long-range wireless microphones and much, much more.

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Corporate Event Management

Goals we'll assist in identifying objectives to road map the desired outcome of your event.
Venue negotiate details and covering all bases.
Cost Estimates room rental, food & beverages, equipment, audio & video, travel, etc.
Budget creation and per guest cost breakdown.
Create a unified look, feel and theme with our design team for motion graphic backdrops, videos and Keynote presentation support.
Advertise with personal invitations, social media, video, online promotion, signage, etc.
• Sponsors/Partners Identity and contact potential and likely contributors.


Corporate Events Companies

Publicity Plan Create draft event script (e.g., MC, speaker introductions, thanks, closing, etc.)
Develop and produce invitations, programs, posters, tickets, Create an event page on your website, Enable/create email event notifications, Create a Facebook event page, Develop a promo video and post on YouTube and your Facebook page, Register your event on a variety of online event calendars, Create some buzz on your blog or member forums.
Seating Plan Who sits with who, place cards, etc.
Registration Numbers for caterer, valet's, chair rental, etc.
• Make print and online copies of any speeches, videos, presentations, etc.

Event Day

Business Events

Access Obtain copies of all instructions, directions, phone numbers, keys, extra parking permits for VIP guests, seating charts and guest.
• Registration and media tables are prepared and stocked with necessary items (e.g., blank name badges, paper, pens, tape, stapler, etc.)
• Promo items, gifts, plaques, trophies, etc. are on-site
• LIVE Stream the event to social channels, YouTube, website, etc.
• Filming Capture the event for future promotion, review, sale, availability for those unable to attend.
• Photography to commemorate the event, future promotion, guest follow up, etc.

(final event edit can be available for sale immediately fallowing the event)

Following the Event

Business Event Planner

• Financial Status Gather all receipts, documentation, final registration data, etc. and update budget
• Thank-you Letters Send acknowledgement letters to: sponsors, volunteers, speakers/presenters, donors.
• Post-Event Publicity Celebrating a job well done.
• Post-Event Survey to learn what people enjoyed about your event, and where you have room to improve.

Why Dexterous for events is important.

Control. Events have so many moving parts they can quickly get out of hand.  Dexterous Media Group provides you an event coordinator, keynote designs, videos, media backdrops, large screen displays, speakers, microphones, cameras, a portable television studio, LIVE streaming, Ultra high-definition filming and much more all organized and provided with one phone call.


Example events outside the normal stage and mic

Indoor Expo Event

Outdoor Community Event


Never have to worry about planning a business photo-shoot. We specialize in localized photo-shoots for your brand.

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We ensure everything is written, spoken and performed within the same "voice" as the rest of your communication efforts.

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Stay visible to current clients, connect with new leads, announce new products and services and always be pushing your brand.

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SEO is prominently displaying your website when web searchers type specific words into a search engine like Google or Bing.

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Why Dexterous Media Group?

Know why businesses trust us with their online marketing efforts.


The key to our success is having all departments sit down together to promote your business.  Believe it or not this is not common practice!  Having  Video Production, Website Development, Social Media, SEO, Photography and Event teams round table about your business is a powerful ongoing exercise in our studio that inspires creative direction and noticeably impacts marketing effectiveness.


While we have worked alongside many industries we do not know your specific business.  Getting to know you is very important to us.  Experience has taught us that no two businesses are the same.  We start with research, research, research and get to know you (and your competitors)  inside and out.


We are here for you! We do not have an automated phone system.  When you call us you get a real person on the phone, not some outsourced service. A person dedicated to managing and promoting your brand.


We have partnered with clients across the United States and captured media from around the globe. Our staff and services are proudly based in the USA. We have locations in Seattle WA & Riverside CA to best serve the country.


We are in this together! Our pricing is designed to grow with your business.  The more your business grows the more marketing you need.  We succeed in helping you succeed, this is a symbiotic relationship.


Our team of experts work together! Our Social Media Team sits down with our Web Development Team to discuss you account before any work is started.  Our Video Production Team references your SEO terms to insure they make it into the video. You are branded from day one!

Always here for you.

Do you need help managing your website or have a few questions about marketing?  Give us a call.  We are ready to help.

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