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How litigation support services can double their businesses in less than a year

Over 10 Years Growing Businesses

We Grow Business. Ground Up Marketing. Real Results.


Real Results

just opened a second location ! 8 years of marketing with us . so far...


  • Worked for someone else
  • Wanted to start a business of his own


  • Started his own business and hired Dexterous
  • Has since opened a second location!

Meet Bryan Stever, the owner of Best Evidence Presentations. Dexterous Media Group has partnered with him to promote his business for over eight years. We deliver the marketing tools Bryan needs to land law firm accounts. This year Bryan has grown to a second location.

"The Dexterous team is great. They are professional. They are fun to work with and easy to relate to. They do great work, and I've been very happy with all the work they've done for me."

Some of our work for Best Evidence Presentations

Learn How BUSINESS can double Profits Within Six Months

Litigation Support Companies Need the Right Law Firms 

...if you had a Reliable and Consistent Stream of  New Customers?

How would your life change?

If you don't have a steady flow of calls from law firms looking for litigation support services, then we can help. You’re busy running your business, preparing media for court, and serving your law firm clients. You need help attracting not just new law firms, but the right law firms, to grow your business. What would your business look like with a steady flow of calls from the law firms you want to do business with?

Supporting the American Dream

Dexterous Media Group was founded in 2011 as a media-based marketing company and one of our first clients was a litigation support client. Our founder saw an inherent problem with marketing agencies that would run campaigns but would require the client to generate the content. The business would have to come up with the sales text, the imagery, and the design, all the while trying to run their business. Businesses would have to hire a sales copywriter, a designer, a web developer, a video production team and more to generate the content they needed. This was expensive an ineffective.

Dexterous decided that it wanted to elevate litigation support companies by letting them do what they do best and allowing us to help them attract new business. We developed a “Done For You” approach that has allowed our clients to grow their business, and Dexterous was off and running. Placing the right content in front of the right law firms at the right time helped our litigation support clients experience tremendous success. Now it is Dexterous’ goal to get this solution in the hands of as many litigation support specialist as possible.

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Marketing media and evidence content are different.
Busy making content for you lawyers and cant do it for yourself?

Work With A Digital Marketing Agency


Hire an in-house marketing department


Partner with Dexterous Media Group and use the Proven Dexterous Process


Expensive, a lot to manage, limited results


Affordable, effective proven results

Consider This…

Differentiating your litigation support services with a unique brand and custom targeting will increase your ROI by 10x.
Let’s Get Started

Develop your unique brand and illustrate your success to the best lawyers and law firms. Put the right media in front of the right lawyers and illustrate to them that you are the litigation support specialists they want on their team.

Options Comparison

1 Hire in-house employees Lots of overhead, expensive,commitment $200,000+/year to hire full media team and marketing experts 6-12 months ramp up and training
2 Hire a generic marketing agency that doesn’t specialize in litigation support Difficult to manage, inconsistent messaging $350,000+/year to hire full media,marketing and sales teams 6-12 months of trial and error to find the right combo of vendors

Or you can use the Dexteorus Media Group proven solution and

  • Have all your media working together
  • Save $100,000's in overhead
  • Benefit from an existing learning curve
  • Results in six months or less

Again, the Dexterous solution is for litigation support companies that are looking for

Real Growth with a DFY (Done For You) solution.

Benefits and Outcomes

Get Started

Here's what happens when you work with us:


  • You will rediscover your unique identity that separates your litigation support service from the competition
  • Your business will have a new and refreshed look that will communicate your brand to your ideal customers
  • You will have constant and consistent incoming leads
  • Your business will be everywhere attracting new lawyers and law firms

How it Works

Step 1: Discover

The Dexterous team will do preliminary discovery work to prepare your organization to climb our Dexterous Discovery Pyramid. We will work for you and with you to articulate your brand purpose, your blue sky vision, your values, and your strengths and weaknesses. We will prepare a One Sheet that can be used as next steps in your strategic planning. The discovery phase culminates with the creation of an original and unique Brand Atlas that includes a strategic marketing roadmap.

  1. Discovery Workshops (three) with your team to climb the Discover Pyramid
  2. Brand Development to clearly establish your business’s unique brand
  3. Strategic Marketing Road Map charting a clear path forward

Step 2: Design

Dexterous will design assets to communicate your unique organizational personality that will allow you to stand out in a crowded field. We create webpage and landing page designs, social media post, produce original videos, and capture still images to communicate your brand identity. We will utilize these designs in all aspects of organizational communication along the strategic roadmap.

  1. Printable materials including business cards, brochures, letterhead, and more
  2. Digital designs including website, social media graphics, and video that project your brand
  3. Outreach materials including html emails, social media calendar, and advertising designs

Step 3: Devise

Our team comes alongside your team to devise a plan implement the roadmap through a decisive course of actions. Dexterous will utilize the findings in the Discovery phase to determine what is urgent and important and what may not be urgent and not important, yet desirable. We will then utilize the tools in the Design phase to put the right content in front of the right person at the right time.

  1. Anonymous Visitor Tracking to stay in front of visitors to your website.
  2. Sales Funnel Management with email tracking to know who is opening your emails and interacting with your media.
  3. Automation Tools for immediate and personalized follow-up to interested prospects.

Step 4: Deliver

Delivery is an ongoing process that begins with the your priorities and continues with the list of deliverables determined in the three previous phases. You will enjoy unlimited graphic design work, unlimited design revisions, unlimited content development and unlimited web support to achieve your goals. Witness all the components of your branded marketing and development working together, reinforcing one another on an ongoing basis. Dexterous will track interaction, tweak campaign details, and adjust for trends, technology, and client demand. You can expect significant results in under six months.

  1. Customer Prospecting to your identify your ideal clients in pursuit of warm leads
  2. Lead Qualification through person to person phone calls.
  3. Remarketing to stay in front of prospective clients.
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This seems like a great product, but the price is beyond our budget. 

We realize that there is an initial investment, and that can seem daunting. But when  you consider the long term value you wont want to pass up an opportunity real  revenue growth and market position.

We've had bad experiences with other marketing companies.

We understand your dilemma. We’ve worked with companies before that had a poor experience with their previous marketing company and understand how hard it is to pick someone you trust. One of those companies is becoming are oldest client.

I like the sound of your proposal, but I would also need to get my partners on board to make this happen.

I totally understand! In order to make your decision as easy as possible and get everyone on   the same page, I’ll be glad to arrange a demo for them and answer any further questions

I don't think we need it.

You might be right. I’m going to go ahead and send you a one-sheet that highlights the  unique benefits of working with Dexterous so you can show your team how you plan to  increase leads, sales, and revenue with our solutions

I don’t need it.

Sometimes it hard to prioritize spending when resources are limited.  Let us show you how your efforts will pay for themselves, increase revenue, and save you time to focus on your business.

It is more than we’re looking to spend.

Let us show you how much revenue you will actually gain over the next year.

Our last marketing company didn’t deliver on their promises.

Don't take our word for it. Were a marketing company! Take a look at the results from our existing partnerships.

Your competitors have similar service with lower prices.

On the surface, it may seem that way, but let’s talk about some of the reasons our  product has a higher price point. We actually offer something’s that our competitors  don’t and will actually help you increase revenue, and save time and effort.

We’re already using a marketing company.

We understand. But let us share a case study with you that shows how a company similar to yours was able to improve their marketing ROI with a media-based marketing making all of their marketing efforts work together.

How about you follow up in Q4?

I get where you’re coming from, time is limited. But before you make that decision,  let’s talk about exactly how much revenue your company can gain over the next 6  months by considering this now.
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