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Broadcast your unique brand message everywhere from anywhere and connect with your high-value customers.

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LIVE Videos hold the Viewers Attention 10 to 20 Times Longer than Prerecorded Content.
On-site equipment to support the broadcast of your event.
(Flat Screens, Projectors, Microphones, Speakers, and more.)
Media creation for in-venue event presentations.
(Broadcast Graphics, Prerecorded Videos, Lower Thirds, Transitions, and more.)
Professional equipment and Experienced crew.
Event marketing before the event.
(Pre-event Registration, Post-event Edits for Rebroadcast, and Pre-promotion of next year’s event)
Quality Standards LIVE Stream
End-to-end Broadcasting Production
On screen graphics, multiple cameras, multiple locations, and onsite event support, broadcast to multiple platforms include television, streaming platforms, Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook
End-to-end Event Planning and Support
Creative Event Marketing
Complete Event Production
Quality Standards Broadcasting

Why Choose Dexterous?

  • Logistics
  • Location Infrastructure
  • Show Bible
  • Equipment Prep
  • Marketing Materials
LIVE Production
  • LIVE Stream Experts on-site
  • Professional equipment
  • LIVE video and audio switching
  • On-site screens and speakers
  • 3D & 2D Graphics
  • Lead Capturing and Nurture
  • LIVE Broadcast editing for future Promo’s
  • Upload Full Resolution Recording
  • Distribute Video Vignettes on Social Media
  • Email and Text follow up for post-sales
Broadcast your brand with professional LIVE Stream Solutions
Stand Out, Stand Apart
Be the first in your industry to LIVE Stream.

Internet LIVE Stream is the best tool to stand out among the competition and set your brand apart form the crowd. Take advantage of broadcast quality production at a fraction of the cost to promote and project your company.
Dexterous has the Solution
LIVE Streaming Made Easy

Equipment and Set Up

For the experienced live streamer, we can provide all equipment and set up necessary for a successor LIVE stream broadcast.  Don't rely on DIY (do it yourself) solutions.  Call in the professionals for the greatest success.

Event Media and Graphics

You're ready to broadcast.  Take your production to the next level with custom media and graphics, including animated transitions, lower thirds, and promo assets.  The right Media will make your LIVE Stream broadcast look professional, support your brand image, and keep them coming back.

Productions and Broadcast

Let us do it for you.  We provide a complete and professional broadcast crew, allowing your team to focus on the event.  Broadcast television quality productions will take your small business to the next level.

Why Choose Us?

We’ve been broadcasting Business Expos and RVs for years!
On-site Experts
Our experts will ensure a seamless broadcast.
No Downtime
We stream over multiple cellular networks, WiFi and hard-line simultaneously to always have a strong bonded stream.
We show up with everything you need from cameras, to microphones, concert level displays and speakers for on-site viewing and more.
Not only do we provide full support for your event but we provide all the marketing leading up to the event to ensure attendance, regestrations and sign-ups.
Your event, if done right, should make you money, not cost you money. We’ll help do it right.
LIVE Stream is perfect for...
  • Comic-cons
  • Simulcasts
  • Concerts
  • Dealerships
  • Conventions
  • Expos
  • Real Estate
  • Small Business Experts
  • Conferences

Our Powerful Tools

Powerful because they work together, supporting each other, branded together.


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We ensure everything is written, spoken and performed within the same "voice" as the rest of your communication efforts.
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Stay visible to current clients, connect with new leads, announce new products and services and always be pushing your brand.
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What is LIVE Streaming?

A LIVE stream is a video that you can record and broadcast at the
same time. But you need the right tech to do it well.

Is it Livestreaming, LIVE-streaming, Or
LIVE Streaming?

It’s LIVE streaming. Google says so. If you LIVE stream LIVE
streams, you are LIVE streaming and you will have LIVE streamed.
That’s the verb, the noun, the present participle, and the past
participle that you should be using.

Why? Words matter. You need to be using the right words for
SEO. If you’re LIVE streaming your business and you repeatedly
tell people that you’re “livestreaming” or “live-streaming” it, then
it’s harder for searchers to find your LIVE stream, a video of your
LIVE stream afterwards, or an article about it on your blog or

How Do I LIVE Stream?

This depends on the service. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter all
offer different live streaming services. We will help you with that.

How can I watch the LIVE stream on my TV?

One way to watch on your TV is to connect your laptop or desktop
with an HDMI cable to your TV and open the livestream on your
computer’s browser.

What Can LIVE Streaming Do For Small

YouTuber Craig Benzine once claimed that what made YouTube
such a great platform is that it reduced the “barrier for entry” for
creators. The same is true of LIVE streaming. In the past, LIVE
streaming was something that could only happen on TV or radio.

With LIVE streaming, anyone can go LIVE, whenever they want. For
small businesses, this is huge news. Before, a business could
spend millions trying to get a LIVE video message out to their
customers. Now, they can do it for far less.

When Should I LIVE Stream?

The key to a great LIVE streaming session is like the key to great
YouTube content: regularity. If you want to LIVE stream more than
once, do it at the same time every day, week, month, or
whenever. The important thing is that people know when to tune

If it’s a one-off event that you’re live streaming, promote it. In fact,
promote it alongside promotion for the event itself.

Can I watch the stream on my Phone or Tablet?

Yes, the player is HTML5, so as long as your phone supports
HTML5 video viewing you can definitely use your phone or tablet.

Always here for you.

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