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Stay in front of every lead, whether or not they fill out a form, and invite them to consider your products and service now and in the future.

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An Unrelenting Lead Management System
Instantly send a personal email to all new leads.
Advertise to anonymous web visitors around the web & social media
Personalized media for EVERY lead
See EVERY touch point a lead has with your marketing.
Full Service Marketing Automation
Marketing on Autopilot
We write, design, program, and automate every email, landing page, and ad!

Why Choose Dexterous?

Anonymous Web Visitor Tracking
VisitorID tracks visitor IP addresses with reverse IP lookup and identifies the companies which visit your site.
Behavior Based Automation
Keep your brand top-of-mind with timely messaging that responds to user behavior.
Campaign Tracking
Start conversations that lead to conversions with personalized messages and automated campaigns that respond to user behavior.
Lead Scoring
We program our automation platform to score leads based on engagement.
Contact Manager
Keep all of your leads information in one place.  A place where sales pipelines, social campaigns, and more can be integrated.
Sales Notifications
We program our automation platform to score leads based on engagement.
Actionable CRM Reports
View your progress and accurately forecast future performance in the CRM platform.
Sales Pipelines on Autopilot
Get an instant overview of each prospect’s progress through the sales cycle.
Mail Sync
Track the emails sent outside of the system. Now everyone on the team knows every word every lead has received.
Buyer Personas
Segment your messaging and lead nurturing campaigns by persona to deliver ultra-personalized content that really converts.
Appointment Scheduling Software
A powerful meeting and appointment scheduler that works in tandem with your personal calendar to make scheduling customer appointments, group meetings and one-on-one meetings easy
Chatbot and LIVE chat
Improve User Experience on Your Website 24/7!  Guide visitors to information automatically or send qualified leads directly to live chat.
Sales Dialer
With keyword searchable transcriptions and detailed call analytics, managers can now pinpoint exactly how each salesperson is positioning their product or service and handling sales objections.
Video calls with Screenshare
One-touch video calling.

Customer service at 1000%! Have a face-to-face, walk-through your product LIVE, share your sales presentation.
98% of your advertising budget is going in the trash.
2% ‼️
Only 2% of website visitors convert...

...which means 98% of your web traffic is wasted.

Dexterous Media Group tracks customers even before you know their name. We connect the dots and tell you where they’ve been. We then build powerful automation rules to send them dynamic content and targeted emails based on their interests.
Manage and Follow Up With Leads All in One Place
Manage sales leads without the hassle.

Unrelenting followup!

We put the right content in front of the right person at the right time.

An anonymous lead visits your website and leaves. That lead is gone forever, right? Not with Dexterous Media Group. The lead that visited your website and left no information will now see your ads on their favorite social media feeds, mobile apps, and Google. And not just "normal" ads; ads that are personalized to that lead specifically based on their behavior on your website.

A personal experience!

We deliver a customized personal experience for each individual lead at the speed of automation.

Not only do we address a lead by name, but we also develop personas.  A persona is a profile created to identify a specific type of buyer.  Are they an older shopper?  If so, we want to send text-heavy marketing.  Are they younger? Video is the key.  There is a LOT more that goes into developing personas for your leads.

It just works.

Why does it work so well? Because a lead is always in a pipeline. Always. Until they either say "stop!" or they buy.

A marketing pipeline that sends personalized social media posts, emails, and website experiences that speak directly to a lead's interests. How do we know the lead's interests? Their behavior.  We track every piece of content a lead interacts with and respond with more of the same... until they're sold!

Web Development

Custom Website Development
WordPress Websites
Responsive Web Design
e-commerce Websites
SEO Ready
Ongoing Web Support

SEO Services

Google Term Placement
Local SEO Optimization
National SEO Optimization
Real-time reporting
Link Building
and Content Development

Know what is working

...and stop wasting money on what doesn't!

Everything is tracked.  Everything.  We have a crystal clear view of the buyer journey and analyze and refine.

Behavior based triggers.

Be notified the instant a lead opens your proposal.  Trigger a prewritten email when a lead finishes watching your video.  The ability to give instant communication based on a leads actions is incredably powerful and effective.
Want to know why this page is Purple?
Ever notice all fast food restaurants are red and yellow? It's on purpose.

Here at Dexterous Media Group, everything is branded. Color, font, and imagery are essential in identifying a business and making it memorable. Ever see an ad in a magazine then later on television? How do you know its the same business? Because it's branded. This type of detail is in Dexterous Media Group's DNA.


The foundational workhorse conversion tool. The function of a website is to relate and build trust with the site visitor converting them into a client.
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SEO is prominently displaying your website when web searchers type specific words into a search engine like Google or Bing.
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We ensure everything is written, spoken and performed within the same "voice" as the rest of your communication efforts.
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Never have to worry about planning a business photo-shoot. We specialize in localized photo-shoots for your brand.
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How much does lead management cost?
We offer our services as a monthly retainer.  This way there is never any hidden fee's our charges you didn't expect.  There is a single price due once a month. CLICK HERE to get a quote for your buisness.
Do I have to be local to work with you?
Nope. We have clients all around the USA. Our team will travel to you to capture video and photography if that is part of the package you choose. Everything else can be performed remotely.
How involved do I need to be?
Honestly, as involved as you want to be. We write, design, program, and automate every email, landing page, and ad!  You will want to approve the media we have created. Also, there is a monthly meeting to review your detailed reports and discuss ongoing marketing stratagys.
How long does it take to start seeing results?

We start tracking every lead from day 1.  From there It takes about a week to fully integrate your business into our system.  We then start developing the emails, landing pages, videos, social media posts, Google Ads, and Chatbot responses designed to engage each lead individually.
Does marketing automation really work?
Yes! Marketers say that the biggest benefits of marketing automation are saving time (74%), increased customer engagement (68%), more timely communications (58%), and increased opportunities, including up-selling.
Who creates the content for all of the social media, email, and Google campaigns?
Our team consists of SEO copywriters, video producers, professional business photographers, and graphic designers. We will create stunning media that speaks directly to a lead by name and addresses their specific interests.
Full Support
Professional Development
Always know what the next step is!

We'll advise every step of the way.
Dedicated Project Manager
Our project managers bring specialized skills and knowledge to organize and keep campaigns on track!
Cloud Based Project Organization
Your entire team, and ours, will be on the same page.  We use Basecamp as our online organization tool to manage tasks, media, and calendars.
LIVE Customer Support
No frustrating phone menus to navigate or chat-only support.  A real person is here to support you.

Always here for you.

Do you need help managing your website or have a few questions about marketing?  Give us a call.  We are ready to help.

(949) 302-6908

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