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We support both residential and commercial real estate listings and firms. Have all your marketing photographed, filmed, designed and coded from one marketing firm insures your brand stays uniquely yours.  With one phone call you check all the marketing off your list and know its done right, every time.

High End Real Estate Video

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Real Estate Listing Website

Real Estate Photography

Websites for Agencys


Photo Editing

Sometimes conditions on the day of the photo shoot aren't optimal. Our editors can replace the sky on a grey day or correct grass that may have a few holes in it. Make sure your photos are perfect!
Original Photo
Finished Photo
Original Photo
Finished Photo

Realty Group

  • Professional Website
  • Display of all current listings with search features
  • Aggressive SEO - be seen online, everywhere!
  • Agent Bio Pages
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media promoting current listings as well as branding your office
  • Google Adwords Support
  • Trust and recognition team video

Real Estate Agents

  • Professional Portrait Photography
  • Personal Website with current listings display
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media boosted listings
  • Personalized local community showcase video


  • High Quality Real Estate Photography
  • Photo Editing
  • Listing Specific Website
  • High End Video
    • Video Walk-through
    • Drone Ariel Video
    • High Style Short Film
  • Flyer Design

Our Powerful Tools

Powerful because they work together, supporting each other, branded together.


The foundational workhorse  conversion tool.  The function of a website is to relate and build trust with the site visitor converting them into a client.
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Be found online! Search Engine Optimization actively leads web surfers to your website via Google, Voice Search, Maps and much more.
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We ensure everything is written, spoken and performed within the same "voice" as the rest of your communication efforts.
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Stay visible to current clients, connect with new leads, announce new products and services and always be pushing your brand.
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From designing media to support your presentation to LIVE streaming online to equipment rental Dexterous has your event covered.
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Never have to worry about planning a business photo-shoot. We specialize in localized photo-shoots for your brand.
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Give your website the reliable, high-performance home it deserves! We offer reliable website hosting, email, and affordable domain prices.
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No more guessing games!   Login to The Dashboard to see daily tracking including web analytics, call statistics, social reporting and much more...
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Why Dexterous Media Group?

Know why businesses trust us with their online marketing efforts.


The key to our success is having all departments sit down together to promote your business.  Believe it or not this is not common practice!  Having  Video Production, Website Development, Social Media, SEO, Photography and Event teams round table about your business is a powerful ongoing exercise in our studio that inspires creative direction and noticeably impacts marketing effectiveness.


While we have worked alongside many industries we do not know your specific business.  Getting to know you is very important to us.  Experience has taught us that no two businesses are the same.  We start with research, research, research and get to know you (and your competitors)  inside and out.


We are here for you! We do not have an automated phone system.  When you call us you get a real person on the phone, not some outsourced service. A person dedicated to managing and promoting your brand.


We have partnered with clients across the United States and captured media from around the globe. Our staff and services are proudly based in the USA. We have locations in Seattle WA & Riverside CA to best serve the country.


We are in this together! Our pricing is designed to grow with your business.  The more your business grows the more marketing you need.  We succeed in helping you succeed, this is a symbiotic relationship.


Our team of experts work together! Our Social Media Team sits down with our Web Development Team to discuss you account before any work is started.  Our Video Production Team references your SEO terms to insure they make it into the video. You are branded from day one!
  • Corinne Johnson / Walnut Ridge Retreat

    "Working with Alan has been easy, enjoyable, and educational. He explains things in great detail so you understand, he listens and follows through with requests promptly, and he makes you feel like family along the way. So thankful to have met Alan & we look forward to continue working with him! If you need help with ANY aspect of marketing - Alan at Dexterous Media Group is the way to go."
  • Espresso Masters

    Andy Swanson / Espresso Masters

    "Dexterous helped me develop two separate web sites for my businesses.  Their initial strategy included fully educating themselves with every aspect of my businesses. They helped me focus on certain marketing aspects of the businesses more than I ever had in over 12 years. The photography, video work and two company logos they developed were amazing. Alan is passionate and good at what he does. I highly recommended him and Dexterous for all phases of business marketing needs."
  • Flashpoint Theory Testimonial

    Michael John Stanley / President, Flashpoint Theory

    "Working with Alan at his studio at Dexterous Media Group has always been a highlight. The environment is professional, comfortable and organized, but most of all, Alan has a unique ability to make you feel like your just sitting in your living room having a conversation with a family member!"
  • Greg Thompson / Spokesperson

    "Thank you Alan for a wonderful studio experience. Your equipment is very high tech and your explanation of how you can edit and "patch together" your recording of our session took a lot of pressure off of me that everything had to be so perfect. You made the experience feel very relaxed and comfortable. I would highly recommend Alan and his company to anyone needing professional video products."
  • Bryan Stever Testimonial

    Bryan Stever / Best Evidence Presentations

    "I was stuck on my logo design, no other designer had come through with a logo that represented exactly what I wanted. When I talked with Dexterous about that they jumped right in and quickly designed a logo and graphic that was PERFECT.  Dexterous then helped me design and pick business cards and build a beautiful website!! It's great to really only need one company to provide my web, logo and graphic designs, and marketing plan."
Dexterous Media Group
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