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Why Do You Need Web Development Services?

February 9, 2022

The shift from a brick-and-mortar to a web-based digital marketplace began more than a decade ago and has seen a rapid acceleration over the last several years. However, at this late stage in the game, if your business does not have a fully functional web presence where customers can interact with your company, you are in danger of being left behind. 

If your business has not begun the process of moving online, or if your existing website is not quite meeting the needs of today's customers, enlisting the help of a professional digital marketing agency can help get your company website up to speed and on the right track quickly. The team at Dexterous Media Group can get your business up and function on the internet in no time. 

In the meantime, let's have a look at how high-quality web design and development services can help get your business where it needs to be.

Website Development

Your company website acts as your business's web-based billboard, marquee, and display window, all rolled into one. If your business offers a product or service which can be purchased over the internet, then your website will need to function as a showroom floor, checkout counter, and supply room as well. Therefore, every single area of your website requires you to function impeccably, integrate flawlessly, and look fabulous while doing so. 

Website development is not limited to the look and feel of your company website; it is also concerned with ensuring that the website functions properly, that the website content is on-brand, high-quality, and informative, that the website is easy to navigate, and that all features of the site function as intended across the full spectrum of platforms and devices.  

Website Design

Website design differs from website development in that website design is primarily concerned with how your company website looks and feels (yes, we said feels) to visitors and potential customers. 

Website design focuses on what visitors to your company website see, like the size and style of the font used to highlight critical messaging and reinforce brand recognition, the color of the background, and the display of photos, videos, animations, and other graphics. Every visual element on your company website represents your brand, so it is critical to make sure that every detail showcases your business, your products or services, and your company brand in the best possible light.

Website design is equally concerned with what visitors feel when interacting with your company website. For this reason, website designers pay close attention to the overall user experience to ensure that potential customers can easily and quickly find the information they are looking for and can complete their purchase or otherwise interact with your company efficiently and pleasantly. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Even the most beautifully designed and highly-functional website is of little use if nobody knows it exists. There are several ways to generate traffic to your company website, including good old word-of-mouth advertising, traditional advertising, and digital marketing techniques. However, search engine optimization remains the gold standard for getting your company website and business in front of as many internet surfers as possible. 

An essential Google inquiry for search engine optimization techniques will prominently highlight the importance of using a variety of tips, tricks, and plans to get your company website featured on the first page of search results displayed to web surfers who search for the products or services that your business offers. Unfortunately, not all of the advice you will find regarding how to achieve this elusive front-page ranking best is particularly useful or effective. 

The cold hard truth of search engine optimization is that the game's rules are constantly shifting. Therefore, figuring out the subtle changes in the search engine optimization algorithm is a fool's game. 

That being said, there are a few tried and true methods to ensure that your company website achieves a coveted first-page spot. Websites that are clear in their focus and messaging, provide valuable and relevant content which is kept current, and function well across all platforms and devices are far more likely to rank well on search engine results than websites that falter in these core areas. 

Copywriting And Content Development

Copywriting and content development serve several critical functions for getting traffic to your company website, keeping website visitors engaged, and eventually transforming internet visitors into loyal, paying customers. 

The search engine algorithm famously favors websites that feature an ample amount of applicable informative content that is relevant, timely, and consistently updated.  

Great content has so much more to offer than simply bringing new visitors to the website. High quality, information-rich, authoritative content which provides real value to the viewer or reader helps to reinforce your brand and your company as an expert in your industry. In addition, it sends the message that your company is a reliable and trustworthy resource with the potential to improve the lives of your customers and clients.  

Additionally, by careful and creative copywriting and content development, your brand and company messaging can be interwoven throughout the content on your website. Seamlessly weaving your company branding and strategic messaging throughout your high-quality, helpful, informative, and authoritative content serves to consistently reinforce your standing as a trustworthy and knowledgeable source of information in your chosen industry. This interwoven branding and messaging also increase the chances that as your visitors find value in your content and share it with their network, even more viewers will learn about your business and the products and services that you offer.  

Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Not so long ago, most internet-based research and eCommerce was conducted from the home or workplace using a desktop or laptop. Today, most of the lion's share of consumer research and eCommerce is driven by mobile devices. 

While desktop computers and laptops have a relatively limited variety of screen sizes, all reasonably large, mobile devices come in a dizzying array of screen sizes, with an equally extensive range of capabilities for each unique platform, internet browser, and device. 

This wide range of devices, screens, and capabilities has created responsive website design. Responsive web design means that your website will display and function similarly regardless of the dive used to access your website. 

Visitors and customers will be able to view a full-size version of your site without the need to pinch and zoom whether they are accessing your site from their smartphone, tablet, smart TV, desktop, or laptop. 

Today's consumers use their mobile devices to research the brands, products, and services they are interested in, learn more about, find store locations and hours of operation, conduct price comparisons, schedule appointments, pay bills, and order and purchase products over the internet. 

This wide array of disparate activities means that websites must do more than display well across a variety of platforms and devices, they must also be easy to navigate, and every feature must function as intended regardless of the device being used to access the website. 

DIY VS. DFY Web Design And Development Services

Now that you have a better idea of the value that web development services can provide to your company, it is time to discuss the various options available to you. Generally, business owners looking to create or improve their company's online presence are faced with two choices. First, they can choose a do-it-yourself (DIY) option that uses drag and drop pre-designed templates to create a website that, let's face it, usually winds up looking like the cookie-cutter, mass-produced webpage that it is. DIY website building sites are popular with first-time, novice business owners because they offer the ability to create a reasonably attractive and functional company website for a lower cost than that typically charged by a professional digital marketing agency

Of course, as with most things in life, you genuinely do get what you pay for. 

DIY website design generally results in a bare-bones website with limited functionality that simply can't compete with the complex, responsive, intuitive design and seamlessly integrated and consistently updated web design and development services offered by a done for you (DFY) web development agency. 

When you build the cost of a done for you web development option into your business budget plan, you gain the peace of mind that comes from having a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals not only design and build your company website but also support the ongoing success and growth of your business by providing ongoing website support to ensure your website stays up to date, optimized, functional, and responsive.

The ever-changing world of web development and digital marketing is a competitive one. Make sure your company website is on top of the game with the help of the professional web development team at Dextrous Media Group. Contact us today; we can't wait to meet you!

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