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Video Services

Video Production Services

Dexterous Media Group is a full service video marketing agency specializing in creative video production services for clients in Riverside and, frankly, all over the Southern California area. A leader in Video Production Services from Web Video Productions Series promoted online to high-end Television Commercials that are broadcasted on TV.

“90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text." (Sources: 3M Corporation and Zabisco)

We are able to pay attention to the "big picture” and to the “small details” because our Creative Video Production team works alongside our Event, Website, Social Media, SEO, Graphic Design, and Branding teams here at Dexterous Media Group. This allows us to give your video a holistic look from multiple marketing industry professionals ensuring a knockout response from those fortunate enough to see your promotional video!


Corporate Video Production Agency


Video Production

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Why Choose Dexterous?

In-Production means “Go Time” and keeping on-schedule and on-budget is key to the projects success. Our experience shines when in-production, making sure everything handed over to post-production is clean, organized and backed-up.

  • Teleprompter
  • Up to 8K Video Recording
  • Photo Shoot
  • Mobile Green Screen Set Ups
  • Lighting
  • Working Studio
  • Audio Recording
  • Interior and Exterior Filming
  • Aerial shootings with Drones
  • Underwater and Waterproof Coverage
  • LIVE Multi-Camera Streaming

Video Marketing Agency

Pre-Production is the backbone to every corporate video productions success. Defining who will see the creative video production informs the best course of action to communicate with that audience.

  • A Producer
  • Production Outline
  • Shot List
  • Script Writing
  • Story Boards
  • Previsualization 2D/3D Animatics
  • Location Search

Creative Video Production

Post-Production is where the magic happens. Careful attention to detail, a second shot and story, molds the promotional video production into an eye-popping communication tool designed to showcase your business.

  • Professional Video Editing
  • Color Correction
  • Visual Effects
  • Motion Graphics
  • Sound Mixing
  • Music Tracks
  • 2D Titles & Lower Third Labeling
  • Audio Editing
  • Special FX
  • Voice Over Recording
  • Format Conversion

Video Production Services

What Makes Dexterous Different

Dexterous Media Group works to align your communication services and processes with the end goal of delivering a seamless, consistent customer experience across multiple channels. We take a holistic look at the conversation your presenting with your current and future customers from website to corporate events to television commercials and everything in between.

Our video marketing department consults with our branding team as a default. This ensures everything is written, spoken and performed within the same feel, the same voice, as the rest of your communication efforts. Thus making sure engagement with your business identity is instantly recognizable.

Dexterous Media Group is all about considering your whole communication as one interconnected entity and using that mindset to establish your strategy.

From the majestic snow in Big Bear to the iconic beaches of San Diego and Orange County to the twinkling city lights of Los Angeles to the desert beauty hidden in Riverside and beyond, we can secure the perfect location to tell your story.

Need a location that is impossible to capture? Our studio houses an entire wall of green screen. We have a video marketing agency team of professionals that can set the location to anywhere on (or off) the planet. Our studio is perfect for news reporting style videos, interviews, tutorial videos, training videos, testimonial videos, or even LIVE streaming (from anywhere via green screen) a Q&A of your product or service with custom motion graphics in the background and your fans questions read LIVE on the air - Talk about engaging your customers!

Our video production services team believes the core of video marketing is communication. What is the main message you want to deliver? What do you expect as a result?

LIVE streaming a multi-camera event? We have the professional tools and talent to capture locally as well as stream to multiple services under a single broadcast.

Need a traffic-driving online video? Our promotional video production team works alongside our website, SEO and social media departments to produce a creative video that garners conversation.

Crowdfunding and Kickstarting a project? We have have the ability to showcase your product in use even before a prototype is developed. Through video special effects you can show your product being used, experienced and enjoyed - A must to get your project funded!

Utilizing high-end equipment resulting in ultra high resolution 8k , underwater video capture, drones for aerial footage, top-of-the-line audio and lighting equipment, any project we produce will look like a video you can show on the silver screen.

Commercial Video

Corporate Video Production


Dexterous Media Group is one of the most experienced corporate video production companies. We offer a wide range of corporate video production services, helping you define the image of your company and command authority in your field all while seemingly looking your viewer in the eye!

Using our commercial video production services in Riverside CA, your video will have a defining voice. Dexterous Media Group has many marketing departments including a full service corporate video production agency. Which means we use all our vast marketing experience to produce a one-of-a-kind promotional video helping with your business goals.

30 Second Television Commercial Video


Promotional Video

Web Video Production


When you need a promotional web video, look no further! This is well within our wheelhouse. Our website department teams up with our video marketing agency to ensure all areas of your web video production are on the mark. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is as vital to web videos as it is websites themselves - if not more so! Our web department ensures your video is found by the right audience while our creative video production team speaks directly to that audience - A marketing one-two punch, if you will.

Documentary style corporate video telling the story of Notre Dame High School


Green Screen Production

Creative Video Production


Our green screen team will work hand-in-hand with your team with close attention to branding guidelines, considering angles, lighting, location, and delivering professional content for your green screen video production. From the setup to the wrap-up, our green screen team will assist you from day 1 of pre-production to the final format on delivery day.

On-location Green Screen Video Filming & In-studio Green Screen Video Capture Available!

Our green screen services can include "previz" support to aid in visualizing the scene before shooting begins, utilizing video animatics and/or storyboards. Of course all the rigging you need during the green screen production as well as post-production support, including shot-match color grading, rotoscoping, FX layering and even delivering the final composition.

In-studio Green Screen Video Capture


Green Screen Video

Live Event Video Production

Video Production Services


We produce reliable and great quality LIVE video streaming for corporate events such as conventions, galas, conferences, seminars, and trade shows. Receive instant engagement from your audience and interact with that same audience as your event unfolds.

On-location LIVE Video Streaming & In-studio LIVE Video Streaming w/green screen Available!

  • LIVE stream to multiple sources for maximum impact!
  • In-studio LIVE streaming to utilize green screen - Great for presentations!
  • On-location LIVE streaming from multiple points of view with multiple cameras!
  • Have viewers' questions read to you LIVE in-studio for LIVE direct response with your audience.

When the LIVE video has ended, the full stream can stay on your social media platforms to save comments as well as gather further engagement from those who may have missed the broadcast and are viewing it later. Dexterous Media Group also records a full quality high resolution version for further promotion.

2+ Hour Multi-Camera LIVE Event Stream


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