What Is The Role Of A Digital Marketing Agency?

With an ever greater percentage of business being conducted in online and digital web spaces, business owners often require the assistance of a professional digital marketing agency to help them manage the full spectrum of digital marketing tasks needed to craft, execute and maintain a strong digital marketing strategy for your small business, or brand.

digital marketing agency may play a number of different roles in the marketing and promotion of your business or brand on social media and across a variety of digital platforms. While the scope of a digital marketing agency's roles may vary a great deal depending on the specific needs of the individual business, or brand, the following activities and practices are some of the most common digital marketing agency roles. 

Before selecting a digital marketing agency to help you grow your business, be sure to assess how well each agency is able to fulfill each of the following digital marketing tasks. 

A Digital Marketing Agency Will Free Up Your Calendar AND Your To-Do List

Creating execution and a solid digital marketing campaign that produces solid results requires constant attention and nurturing. Oftentimes, these digital marketing tasks must take place alongside or in addition to your other business operations. 

digital marketing agency can be a tremendous help in lightening the load, freeing up your calendar, and helping you cross items off your to-do list. A professional digital marketing team will create, distribute, and manage your digital marketing calendar, monitor and analyze data, and adjust your digital marketing schedule as needed to better match the prevailing trends. 

By handing over your digital marketing tasks to a team of professionals, a digital marketing agency will help to manage all of these tasks allowing you to free up space on your calendar and your to-do list that you can spend running and growing your business or simply carve out some free time to relax.

Choose a digital marketing agency that has the capability to take full responsibility for all aspects of your digital marketing efforts. If you are paying a digital marketing agency to handle your business's digital marketing needs, you should expect that all digital marketing-related tasks will be removed from your calendar or to-do list so that you are free to focus your time on other important tasks. It should be noted that there may be a period of time where you will still need to play a more active role in your business digital marketing efforts as the new digital marketing agency learns your business needs and fine-tunes your digital marketing plan. Once your digital marketing agency has fully integrated the new digital marketing strategy into their task list, you will be able to transfer all responsibility for your digital marketing outreach to the digital marketing professionals.

A Digital Marketing Agency Will Keep You On Top Of The Trends

digital marketing agency will provide a team of industry professionals who have the required experience and knowledge to help keep your business at the leading edge of the latest trends in marketing, business, and industry.

A digital marketing team will also have the latest and greatest digital marketing tools to help you get the most out of your digital marketing campaign efforts. Nobody knows your business and brand better than you do, but as a busy small business owner, you are not likely to have the time to dedicate to researching and keeping up to date with the latest marketing business and brand trends. A professional digital marketing team will ensure that your business is always on top of the latest trends so that your brand is always well-positioned at the front of the pack. 

digital marketing agency will also make sure that you always have access to the newest and best digital marketing tools to assist you in marketing, operating, and growing your business or brand.  

Look for a digital marketing agency that has a solid set of established practices that allow the digital marketing team to monitor and respond to the latest shifts in the market, in consumer sentiment, or in the overall industry. Take the time to view each digital marketing agency website and blog, and review any projects or work completed for existing or former clients. Look for evidence that the digital marketing agency is able to identify and apply the latest marketing trends and techniques. Read the content posted on the digital marketing agency website or blog to get a better idea of how the agency approaches and overcomes a wide range of marketing challenges.

A Digital Marketing Agency Will Be A Trusted Advisor And Team Member

digital marketing agency will work closely with you, the small business owner, as well as your in-house team members to help you market your business or brand. The digital marketing agency that you choose to partner with your business or brand should blend well with your existing staff in all departments in order to form the most symbiotic and ultimately successful digital marketing collaboration between both the in-house and external digital marketing teams.

From the most effective search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to achieve top of page search engine ranking or the most engaging content creation styles to help drive audience views and encourage sharing of content across many social media platforms, your team is bound to have questions about the processes and practices that go into the creation and execution of your business digital marketing campaign. When these questions arise, both you, as the small business, and your entire in-house team must feel comfortable approaching the digital marketing agency as the go-to professional resource of choice. 

When selecting the best digital marketing agency to partner with your business, be sure to choose an agency that you and your staff will feel comfortable asking for advice, information, or clarity whenever the need arises. The best digital marketing agency will be accessible to you and your staff members whenever you have questions that need answers. 

Choose a digital marketing agency that has the knowledge and experience to act as a trusted source of information, coaching, guidance, and advice for your team. The best digital marketing agency will be easy to reach whenever you and your team need assistance or information, and they will provide prompt, friendly, and helpful responses that help your team to expand their knowledge base and help you to expand your business or brand.

A Digital Marketing Agency Will Help You Focus On Marketing Strategy

A good digital marketing agency should act as a guide, mentor, and assistant by helping to keep you and your team focused on your marketing strategy and each of the individual digital marketing tasks that will have the largest overall impact on the success of your business marketing strategy. 

When selecting a digital marketing agency, seek out those agencies that have the broad range of knowledge and experience needed to help your business reach its marketing goals. At a bare minimum, the digital agency that you choose should have the experience needed to provide high-quality search engine optimization (SEO), website design, video marketing, content creation or curation, social media management, visitor engagement tracking, and campaign monitoring. 

The digital marketing services discussed in this section represent the core digital marketing tasks required to run a successful digital marketing campaign. Let's take a closer look at why each of these digital marketing services is an important part of an overall digital marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of determining the keywords or phrases that internet users are most likely to use when searching for more information related to a specific topic. Once the most likely keywords and phrases have been analyzed and chosen, the selected words and phrases are then interwoven naturally throughout the company website, social media marketing, content creation, t

Website Design

Solid website design is so much more than simply creating an aesthetically pleasing company website. Professional website design also involves the development of a website that functions well, loads quickly, and is able to be viewed on multiple devices, from a personal computer to a mobile phone. Website design services ensure that your business website stands out from the competition, offers visitors an easy-to-use interactive experience, and functions as intended regardless of the type of device on which it is viewed. 

As an added benefit, a well-crafted business website will help to improve your business or brand ranking with the top search engine algorithms as well.

Video Marketing

Video is one of the most popular, engaging, and entertaining forms of media. For these reasons and many others, video content is often one of the best digital marketing tools available when it comes to driving consumer engagement.

A professional video marketing team will help your business or brand create high-quality video marketing media that is engaging, entertaining, informative, and encourages viewers to share the content with their network of friends and family.

Content Creation & Curation

In today's digital marketing industry, content is still king. There are few, if any, tools to be found that are able to drive consumer engagement as effectively as high-value content.

Professional content creation or content curation service will ensure that your business website or blog is always full of engaging, entertaining, information-packed, and shareable content.

The creation or curation of high-quality content requires strong writing skills and editing skills and a solid understanding of SEO best practices. Getting it right can be both time and labor-intensive for those who are not accustomed to the various rules and practices of writing content for the web. 

The professional content creation or content curation team will make sure that your business or brand website is full of valuable and engaging content that is kept current and on trend. 

Social Media Management 

Engaging with both existing and potential customers across the various social media platforms is an important part of any digital marketing strategy. Effective social media marketing. The strategy may involve preliminary research to discover the primary and secondary target audiences that are most likely to have a strong interest in purchasing the products or services provided by the business or brand. 

After the target audiences have been identified, the social media marketing team will get to work creating an array of customized profiles that are individually tailored to speak directly to each individual audience group on the platforms where they tend to congregate. At Dexterous Media Group, we call this process the creation of business or brand personas. 

The social media management team will create profiles and social media content that is tailored to meet the format and style requirements for each unique social media platform.

A Digital Marketing Agency Will Help You Envision The Best Possible Future For Your Business

You built and launched your business based on your vision and belief, but it is often hard to see with that same clear vision when you are looking at the outside factors that also help to make your business grow. 

digital marketing agency will help you see the future return on investment potential for your digital marketing campaign. What's more, a high-quality digital marketing agency can also help show you novel approaches, new tools, and alternative ideas that you may not have previously considered. By allowing you to see what is possible for your business or brand through a fresh pair of eyes, your digital marketing agency may be able to expand your horizons and help to show you a future for your company that you may never have even imagined.

A Digital Marketing Agency Will Provide You With Solid Answers

You could approach digital marketing for your business or brand with a, "Let's just give this a shot and see how it goes." Many people do just this, and you certainly could as well, but we are going to suggest that you don't, and here is why.

There are many business owners who take steps to create an impressive digital marketing campaign, generate high-quality content, build a stunning website, and create a bunch of social media accounts and posts…then they simply call it a job well done and settle back to wait on the results. The idea here is that if it goes great, then they can kick back and start waiting for the business to come pouring in the front door. And, what if their digital campaign is a resounding dud, and it does not perform as expected? In that case, they will likely need to head back to the drawing board and begin the process again from scratch. 

Obviously, if this method works, then all is well; however, if it does not, then a lot of time will have been wasted, and you will be back at square one, starting the whole process over again and having to come up with a whole new set of ideas. 

Fortunately, there is a far better way to go about a digital marketing campaign rollout. A high-quality digital marketing agency will conduct consumer, competitor, and market research before beginning your digital marketing campaign. This preliminary research will help to gauge who is most likely to be interested in the products or services offered by your business or brand, who your top competitors are, and what type of digital marketing has worked best for them, as well as what has not done as well. 

Armed with this valuable data, the digital marketing team will use what they have learned to craft a digital marketing campaign that is optimized to succeed and perform well. Taking the time to perform this vital research before designing the digital campaign allows the digital marketing team to create and launch a more targeted and precise campaign, rather than relying on a hit or miss series of blind guesses. 

After the digital marketing campaign has been launched, the digital marketing team will continue to carefully monitor, analyze, and report on the results of your digital marketing campaign. By paying careful, and continuous attention to the detailed data presented in a variety of performance reports, the digital marketing agency will be able to catch any underperforming areas quickly and make refinements and course corrections as needed to fine tune the digital marketing campaign. This method allows your digital marketing team to correct any issues while leaving what is working well unchanged.

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